It’s time to get your omm on

You are sitting in the office and it is 4:45pm. You look outside the window and it’s already starting to get dark outside.

You leave work and running through your mind is, what’s for dinner? Do I have ingredients for that? Do I need to go by the shops on the way home? I wonder what time the Mr/Mrs/flatmate is going to get home? I need to get the clothes off the line plus that deadline for work in tomorrow so I better do a few emails for work when I get home?

Then throw in kids and the the mind never ever shuts up.

Do you ever wake up is 3am and think of something you need to do? You then roll around in be for the next hour flitting in and out of sleep dreaming about this thing?

This is why you need to get your ommmm on.

While Yoga allows our bodies the stretch and grow strong, it also allows our mind to relax.

Part of the Yoga experience is to be in the moment. Acknowledge where you are, how your body feels and embrace simply “being”.

One hour per week to allow your mind to rest. How beautiful does that sound?

Come and take some time out with Sara at least once a week and allow yourself to be in the moment.

Jerome Samaha