Jerome Samaha

Strength and Fat Loss Expert
Drinking lots of Coffee
Dad jokes!

Owner and Head Trainer at Balmain Health Club.  With over 15 years experience, you're guaranteed a fun, challenging and effective workout every time.  Tell him a joke and you get your first workout free.


Laura Halls

Women's Fitness
Lean By Laura Method

Creator of the Lean By Laura method.  A combination of high intensity exercises with isolated concentration of Pilates to define and tone your body.  Passionate about helping women along their health and fitness journey.

Dane Paterson

Functional Training
Fitness & Nutrition
Mirror Posing

Our young gun with years of PT experience.  With energy to burn and a likeable personality, you'll love working out with Dane.  If you want a great session and strong results, Dane is your guy. 

IMG_4185 (1).jpg

Maddy Finn


Slow Flow Vinyasa
Gentle Yin
Awesome Yoga Music

Maddy has been transformed by the power of Yoga and now is excited to share this gift with all her students.  Believing that Yoga is for every body, she'll challenge your beliefs on what your body is capable of.


Sara Samaha

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga
Pre & Post Natal Yoga
Being a good wife to Jerome

In Sara's classes she likes to incorporate ways to take yoga off the mat and into our everyday lives – as this is where the real yoga happens. Sara encourages laughter in class as laughter really is the best medicine.

Kirsty Shiel

Vinyasa for all levels!
Restorative & Relaxtion Classes
Making you laugh in class!

With over 10 years experience, Kirsty's classes are amazing and through her you'll improve body awareness, flexibility, strength and calmness of the mind.  Classes are accessible and adaptable to modern day lifestyles!


El De Smuszko

Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga
Yin with Slow movement
Being a Coffee Snob

Starting her Yoga journey 10 years ago, El loves the way Yoga calms anxiety and a busy mind.  She loves teaching others how to slow down & connect with the elements & the breath body.  Come enjoy Yoga philosophy and a juicy Savasana. 


Manuela Callari

Pre-Natal Yoga
Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga
Drinking Chai Lattes

Manuela designs her classes to help students develop self awareness and body-mind connection, working through the body to bring a sense of ease in the mind.  After Manuela's fantastic classes you'll feel energised and empowered.