3 Underground Fat Loss Secrets

As a lot of you know, my wife, Sara, and I have welcomed a beautiful new baby boy into this world.  So I’ve been a little busy changing nappies, cleaning baby clothes and getting less sleep.  It’s the best feeling though.

I’m now faced with the reality that I probably won’t have as much time to train, and I’m thinking about how I can keep an optimum level of health and fitness whilst being a parent to a brand new baby.  So, I’ve been trawling through research and have found some really cool tricks and tips that will help maintain my fitness.

So how can I burn extra fat without doing any extra work?  Well, these 3 simple tricks are quite cool as you can keep the metabolic fires burning and basically keep burning energy without having to change your diet or dedicating more time to training!

1) Hit up a Sauna

I love Saunas.  I love the fresh feeling I have when, after being in a Sauna for around 20-30 minutes, I jump out and have a dip into a cold pool or cold shower.  It awakes me, invigorates me and I feel awesome.

The research now supports this.  Studies have now proven that Saunas not only give you the same endorphin kick that you get after a cardio workout, but it can elevate your metabolism almost to the same degree as low-level aerobic exercise.

How to best start using Heat Rooms.  Start off light (say 10-15 minutes, or when you get slightly uncomfortable) and work your way up to around 40-50 minutes.  Remember to be safe.  Mild discomfort is the aim, not heat stroke!

2) Drink Green Tea

We’ve talked about this before, but Green Tea is more than just hot, flavoured water.

When you drink Green Tea, you’re actually getting a huge amount of beneficial substances with potent biological effects.

The first is caffeine.  A cup of Green Tea has way less caffeine in it than, say a coffee, but caffeine is a well known stimulant that’s linked to improve performance and to aid fatburning.

But Green Tea really comes out on top with its massive range of antioxidants.  Comprised of compounds called Catechins, which are broken down into EGCG’s (epigallocatechin-gallate), these are proven not only to boost metabolism but have been shown to elevate brain function and neuronal activity.

Keep in mind that these benefits can be gained from drinking tea, as well as taking green tea extract as a supplement.  Most of the studies used the extract.

3) Take a Cold Shower!

I might cop a bit of a backlash on this one as the weather is cooling down and we’re all currently trying to stay dry.

Recent studies have been geared to study the effects of Cold-Thermogenises (CT for short) on the body.  CT is probably what you think it is; exposing the body to cold temperatures, cold-water immersion and cold showers.

Without getting into all the sciency stuff, several CT studies have been shown that the benefits:
* Enhanced Nervous System
* Higher Metabolism
* Lower Blood Sugar
* Improve cardiovascular outpout

So, how do you start? I suggest two simple ways to get started (if you dare…..)

1) Take a cold 5 minute shower in the morning (or as I’ve been doing, 20 seconds cold water,         20 seconds hot. Yep like Tabata!)

2) Go for a swim in cold water.  With winter coming, this should be easier to do.  I know I’ll be         swimming at Coogee Beach throughout the winter.

Let me know what you think of these tips guys!  Will you give them a try?

Remember to find out more, or if you have any other questions, feel free to email me at jerome@balmainhealthclub.com.au or pop by the Studio in Balmain/Rozelle.

Stay Dry

Jerome Samaha