The 5 Primary Yin Organs

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the five primary yin organs are the Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs & Spleen.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the overall health of the 5 primary yin organs & their yang partner, are of utmost importance to nurture & nourish the whole being, physically, energetically & emotionally.

The five primary yin organs; Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs & Spleen are involved in functions of ‘collecting & storing’.

The front of the body is yin & where the meridian channels for the in organs flow, upward.

When looking to heal an aspect of the whole being; the cause is always the yin organ, the symptom is expressed through the corresponding yang organ. Therefore treating and healing the yin organ will heal the imbalance & the symptom/s.

On an emotional level these five primary yin organs store & express the following emotions, however they do not create the emotion.

Heart – Joy

Kidneys – Fear & Wisdom

Liver – Anger & Compassion

Lungs – Grief & Justice

Spleen – Worry & Trust

In TCM, no emotion is considered a ‘negative’ emotion but rather a natural response to life, it is when we have long bouts of a certain emotion and do not move through it where an imbalance may occur.

When we practise yin yoga, we are targeting Fascia, which not only wraps around all muscles and organs within the boy but contains meridians, also known as channels  which store and carry this energy  (‘Qi’ or ‘Prana’) to help create a harmonious flow of this energy.

I am holding a workshop called ‘Soften your Heart’ on September 8th, In this workshop we will move through some flowing sequences to help us move more grafeully into some backbends, then we will soften into a yin practise to help nourish and stimulate the heart meridian.

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