How a Tennis Ball can make you healthier.

At Balmain Health Club we love Yoga.  We also love massages for muscle and Fascia release.  We've combined the two to create a potent and effective group class!

Every Thursday at 7pm you can get the combined benefits of Yin Yoga and Massage with:

"Yin with MFR"

Yin yoga is a great way to gently stretch out the body, by taking passive yoga postures for
a longer time. This means the deeper tissues in the body, like the fascia, get hydrated,
more elastic, and more healthy. Fascia is a supporting and movable wrapping around the
muscles, organs, nerves and blood vessels – it wraps around pretty much everything
inside the body in a complex network. The joints and ligaments are nourished by yin poses
and the energy channels in the body are stimulated and balanced. We soften into yin
poses to get the benefit.
But what if we can't soften into the pose? A good reason could be unhealthy fascia. This
could be fascia that has becomes dry and sticky, so it sticks together. Restricting
crosslinkages form. This is where the myofascial release (MFR) comes in. Myofascia is
fascia that relates to the muscles and skin. We can use tennis ball therapy and other
techniques to apply pressure and movement to melt and release the fascia. The result?
We can sink deeper into yin poses and relax.
We can reap more benefits from yin yoga when it follows MFR: improved flexibility and
range of motion; healthier joints; more energy; better organ functioning; and more
balanced and positive states of mind and emotion. Yin yoga works deeply into the body in
a powerful yet gentle way to nurture and replenish the whole being.