My No. 1 Fitness tip for 2018

I love January.  Every New Year I try and reflect on the previous year.  I note the things I did well and see where I can improve in other areas of life.  So yeah I'm one of those guys who sets New Year's resolutions, even if most of the time I don't keep them throughout the year.

My biggest flaw (yep I'm going deep here, stay with me) is that even though I set big goals on what's really important to me for the year, I inevitably get bogged down in the every day grind.  Just keeping on top of work, admin, family, kids is full on on a daily basis.  So I wake up in April/July/October and see that I'm no closer to my goals I originally set out to achieve.  Then I get really sh%&ty......... I mean cranky with myself.  Then I think holy hell, where has the year gone!

I droll out the usual excuses: I'm too busy, work was crazy, the kids were sick...... etc.  But if I'm being truly honest, I'm lying to myself.  And here's why:

The things that matter most in life shouldn't be put aside for the things that matter least.  Or put another way, if something is that important to me, then I need to make time for it, not just say I'm too busy. 

Now I could go on and on and type about this for ages but I have a short attention span (just ask my wife!) so I'll keep this short.  This year I have promised to organise around my priorities and not get sucked into the daily grind.  I won't work on my goals when I "have time".

"So what's the fitness tip Jerome?"  Stop rambling mate.  I know I know, sorry.  Simple guys.  If being fitter and healthier is truly your goal this year, then stop using excuses like "I'm too busy" or "I don't have time".  I'm not buying it and nor should you.  Make time.  Book it in your diary and commit.  

In the fitness biz (short for business.... of course it is.  Don't know why I clarified that) we have a saying.  Following an average workout program is better than not following the best program in the world.  In other words, just do something, doesn't matter what it is.

Sit down at the start of the week and plan your sessions.  Book in to classes and commit to them.  If you miss the occasional workout because of a work drama, crisis or family affair that's cool.  You'll never hit 100% workouts so don't be hard on yourself.  But don't wake up in a few months time and realise you're no closer to your goals.

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