Join our New Years Resolution Challenge! Starts January 29

I'm super duper pumped for our first challenge of the year.  I personally am still trying to work off all that Christmas food and drink!

We decided to start our first challenge of the year after the January long weekend to give our selves the best shot of success.  The challenge is simple:  Simply give up one of the following things for 30 days:

* Alcohol

* Sugar

* Bread/Pasta

* Inactivity (ie. you must do something active everyday for 30 days)

That's it.  You must write on the BHC Chalkboard what you are giving up!  Make it public and we'll all help each other a s a community.  Also, by only focusing on one thing, that'll act as a lead domino and improve other areas of your life.

We will finish the challenge with Body Fat scans on day 30, Wednesday 27th of February!

So here are the details in brief form:


Cost:  FREE

Time:  JAN 29 - FEB 27

Scans:  WEDNESDAY 27 FEB, 4PM - 8PM  

That's it.  I hope EVERY member does this!  I mean, why wouldn't you.

Jerome Samaha