The Top 4 Common Traits of Clients who get Results

As a Personal Trainer of over 15 years, I have one on one trained hundreds of clients with varied results.  Some have achieved their goals and have looked and felt fantastic, whilst others have felled short despite a solid effort.  Having observed all of this from a close up view, I have seen 4 common traits that have separated the successful clients versus the ones who have struggled . Here they are:


1)      They are ruthlessly consistent.


One of the biggest reasons people hire a Personal Trainer is to be held accountable.  To have someone at the gym waiting for you (and charging you) will keep you accountable on the days you just don’t have the motivation to train. The truth is sometimes even I find it hard to motivate myself to workout myself after doing it all day for other people.

Most Personal trainers are used to cancelled PT sessions.  It’s part of the job.  Work, family, sickness, travel and deadlines put a client’s workout on the back burner.  But here’s what I’ve noticed; the clients who achieve the best results are the ones who ALWAYS turn up.  They never cancel.

If you don’t to Personal Training and perhaps just do group classes, you can take the same approach for better results.  Plan your classes for the week and commit to them.  The ones who turn up more often get better results.


2)      They behave outside the gym                    


If I, for example, train a client twice a week for 45 minutes, then I have 90 minutes per week in front of that client.  I know I’ve just dazzled you with my math’s skills, so I’ll give you a minute to process that! Ha!

That still leaves 4,356 hours left in the week that they have outside the gym.  Now, to get serious results, it’s what you do outside the workout that will determine your success or not.  There is no point to doing a hard workout to burn 500 calories if you then go and eat a 700-calorie meal straight after.  That’s 300 calories more than you just burned!!!


(Yes I know the math’s was wrong.  Dad jokes….)


3)      They get outside their comfort zone


Weight lifters love lifting weights.  Runners love to run and Yogi’s love to do Yoga.  There’s only so far you can go by doing what you’re good at and not attacking other forms of fitness/exercise.

We like to think of fitness as a simple blend of Strength, Cardio and Mobility/Flexibility.  You need to have all 3 components if you’re going to look and feel amazing.   For best results, do what you’re not doing right now.

So if you’re an awesome runner but can’t do 10 push ups, then you need to lift bro.  If you have massive pecs but can’t touch your toes, a yoga class should be number one on your priority list.


4)      They enjoy the process


If training and eating healthy is a chore and a bore to you, you will lose eventually!  Motivation and goal setting will only get you so far.  If you hate the process, you will inevitably quit.  You must enjoy the process of exercising and eating well for you to sustain it over a long term.  Here’s a few quick tips to help you enjoy the process more: 

i)                    Find a good PT who you can enjoy spending time with

ii)                   Eat well, but very occasionally let yourself have a splurge

iii)                 Find new activities that seem fun to you

iv)                 Have variety in your training.  The same workout again and again can get boring

v)                   Don’t obsess about every single workout and every single meal.  Not everyday will be awesome and every workout be amazing.  Ups and downs are normal.


There you go.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me at

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