BHC Strength Testing this week

This week at BHC, we will be conducting Strength testing for all of our group class and some PT members. As you all know, every month we do a different benchmark workout to measure our fitness levels. This is important as it allows us to measure our fitness levels and track improvements in the gym.

For this week, we will testing our Max Deadlift and Max Chin Ups. For Max Deadlift, simply work your way up to the heaviest you can lift for One rep. For Chin Ups, we will have various levels (based on banded assistance) and then you’ll complete Max reps in that given level.

All our BHC Strength classes this week will begin with Strength Testing for 15 minutes, then fill the remaining time with regular work. Here are the breakdowns of which classes will test which exercise:

Monday Strength - Max Deadlift

Wednesday Strength - Max Chin Ups

Thursday Strength - Max Deadlift

Saturday Strength - Max Chin Ups.

So try and come along to as many strength classes as you can this week. Yep, if you come to all four, that means you can have two cracks of getting the best result you can.

Really pumped to see everyone’s scores this week!

If you have any questions, please let me know,