My all time Top 10 best Dad Jokes!

As any BHC member knows, every time you step into our studio you are greeted with a smile, a high five and if I’m near, a Dad joke. Sometimes they’re funny, most of the time they’re not.

Sadly I loved Dad jokes before I became a dad. Now I have two kids, I love them even more.

Here are my all time Top 10 Dad jokes. Have a read, perhaps laugh and enjoy this quick little post for a Monday. If you like, email me back your favourite joke on this list. I would love to know which joke you found the funniest. Just email the joke number to Or if you can top these ones, email me one that wasn’t on this list.

Here we go.

1) When does a regular joke become a Dad joke. When it is fully groan.

2) I never thought a Chiropractor could help me. But I stand corrected.

3) My wife left me because I was too insecure. Oh wait, she’s back. She just went out for coffee.

4) How do you spot the blind guy at a Nudist Colony. It’s not hard.

5) I saw my ex wife across the hall at a museum. I was going to say hi but it was awkward. There was too much history between us.

6) I just swapped our bed for a trampoline. My wife hit the roof.

7) What happened to the blind circumciser? He got the sack.

8) I once had a conversation with a Dolphin. We just clicked.

9) My wife says I have two faults. I don’t listen….. and something else.

10) My dad died when we wouldn’t remember his blood type. As he died he kept telling us to “Be positive” but it’s kinda hard without him.

There you go. Hope you had a good laugh. Which was your favourite? Or can you top that?


Jerome Samaha