My top 10 ridiculously simple Fitness Tips that work

In today’s world we are bombarded with so much information.  With smartphones in all our pockets, we can literally look up information on any subject, no matter how unique or obscure (and I hate using the word literally.  Like when people say, “I literally did the hardest workout yesterday I was literally dying….”).

With health and fitness being a multibillion-dollar industry, every Personal Trainer, blogger, social media influencer, expert or whatever will sell you the “secret” to all your fitness dreams coming true.   Whether it’s Crossfit, F45, Paleo, the 5:2 diet, eat for your blood type, etc. if you read enough information and listen to everyone, eventually it all cancels out to zero and you’re back where you started.

So, to cut through all the crap, here’s my top 10 so simple and timeless tips that do actually work.  No selling, no agenda, just honest tips from a Personal Trainer with 15 years experience and a dad of 2 young kids.  These are timeless tips.  They worked 15 years ago, they work now and will work in the future when all the current fads are done are dusted.

1)      Go Slow and Steady

Losing 10kg in a few weeks is great for your Instagram page and for bragging to your mates.  But always think long term.  Slow and steady fat loss/muscle gain should always be the goal.  That’s how you keep it off.  I’m 39 now and am the leanest and strongest I’ve even been.  Not through super strict dieting and intense training.  Just small, steady and consistent improvements over years.

2)      Just eat healthy

I don’t care what fad diet you follow or what it’s called.  If it has a catchy name or cool gimmick it doesn’t matter.  All you need to do is eat good quality nutritious food and keep your calories in check.  That’s it.

3)      Any exercise is better than no exercise

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy heavy powerlifting 5 times a week or your weekly Zumba class.  Get up and move.  If you like it, do it.  As long as you’re not hurting yourself, it’s better than doing nothing.

4)      Don’t beat yourself up

Even the fittest people miss the occasional workout and have a food blow out.  It’s called being human.  Not everyday is perfect.  So, if you have too many slices of pizza, a bag of chips or miss 2 days at the gym, get over it. Move on and restart tomorrow.

5)      If you’re not sure, get help

When I started playing golf I was a tight arse, so I didn’t pay for any golfing lessons.  Years later my swing was so bad my golf coach had to spend so much more time correcting my swing than if I just went to him in the first place to learn the basics.  So, don’t waste more time and money later down the track.  Learn the right technique upfront and save yourself the heartache.  Correcting bad technique is easier after only a few reps than 1000 bad ones.

6)      Remember fitness can be boiled down to 3 components

Fitness professionals are going to rip in to me here but I’m a simple guy, so I like simple explanations.  Fitness can be broken down to 3 simple components: Strength, Cardio and Mobility/Flexibility.  Whatever your method of training is, make sure it improves all three of these.

7)      Be accountable

Motivation is overrated.  It goes up and down all the time and no one can sustain high motivation.  Getting results is about being consistent.  Being consistent means you work out even when you don’t want to.  So, make an appointment with a trainer, train with a friend, book into a class.  Whatever you do, make yourself accountable to something outside yourself.

8)      Enjoy the journey

For most of society, our health and fitness goals can be achieved with regular workouts and a pretty clean diet.  You don’t need to train 45 times a week and count every single calorie in your diet to look good.  Pick a routine that you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a slog.  Because if it does, you won’t stick to it and you’ll fall soon enough.

9)      Get strong

As mentioned before, I’m almost 40 and I very much think about how my body will feel as I age.  For anyone who is concerned about aging well, you need to strengthen your muscles and bones.  Don’t be a fragile older person.  You don’t want to break a hip/shoulder every time you fall.  Lift weights and get strong for a better life.

10)  Have fun

Studies have shown that the number 1 reason people do not train is not because they don’t have time, can’t afford it or don’t know what to do.  It is because people find training boring.  Makes sense.  I always find time to do the things I enjoy, and so does everyone else.  Find a routine or fitness placed that’s fun, and you’ll train way more.


There you go.  Told you it was simple.  For more explanations or if you have any questions, feel free to email me  I probably won’t respond straight away, but I will get back to you.



Personal Trainer and Dad jokes expert