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Seasonal Yin Series with Sara

TCM advises that each season is accompanied by corresponding organs. When we live in accordance and follow nature our lives feel more balanced, vibrant, we have energy and feel rested.

TCM has always fascinated me – Its ability to understand the body and rhythms of nature, how these elements can affect us on an emotional, physical & mental level.

The energy of these elements can be found in both the external environment and our internal systems.

Each workshop will explore the elements associated with the organs, mediation and visioning to get clear and present on what you would like to create for the season, what needs to be let go of and what needs your attention.

There will be plenty of time to pause and feel throughout the practice, and tea and treats will be offered after class.

You are welcome to attend each workshop or come along to one or two.


Autumnn & Metal Lungs & Large Intestine

Friday 15th March –6.30pm- 8pm

Winter & Water Kindeys & Bladder

21st June –6.30pm- 8pm

Spring & Wood Element Liver & Gallbladder

20th September 6.30pm – 8pm

Spring & Wood Element Liver & Gallbladder

6th December –6.30pm – 8pm


Single workshop $ 35

BHC members $30

All 4 workshops $110

To book your place, simply use the link below:

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